I've dedicated this page to a few of my mates, who over the years have shared their poetry and words of wisdom with me.

If you have any that you've written and want me to share them please drop me a line at SuburbanBushPoet@gmail.com 

Unfortunately, due to copyright laws the material you submit for publication on this site must be your own.

Campfire Mates

Don Meredith - Bali Indonesia (formerly Gold Coast Australia).
Donny's an old Bali buddy of mine, since selling his Gold Coast marina business in 2007 he's now retired and living the dream in Bali, (If you're ever looking for a nice holiday villa in Bali checkout his rental villa at www.VillaSanurita.com).  An ex-Rugby League player from Balmain in Sydney, Don looks as much out of water as a poet as ex-Wallaby/author Peter Fitzsimons (right). Don started writing poetry after taking the piss out of me on Facebook one day about my scratchings, so I challenged him to do better. He now pens mostly poems about war and I'll let you be the judge of his talent. He also kicked off a hugely popular Facebook page The Anzacs which has over 5000 members, and I encourage you to visit it.

Don Meredith

A Tribute to "Smudge"
The word "hero" gets thrown around a lot these days with the likes of firefighters and war heros out there. But this man is up there with them... a real hero in my eyes.

Peter Fitzsimons

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