G'day, my name is Craig Waterman but everyone calls me "Cracker", even Mum calls me Cracker, (unless I'm in the shit and then she too calls me Craig).  Growing up in one of the outer (at the time) southern suburbs of Perth was a wonderful place to be at and a wonderful time to be alive. We were blessed with a safe, leafy, wellgroomed area with a river as our northern and western boundary. The Canning River was as much a part of all of our lives as the streets and parks where we played.  Fishing, prawning, water skiing and general boating went hand in hand with street football, cricket or building a cubby house in one of the many patches of remnant bushland that existed back then. Some of which, fortunately, is still there today. 


Unfortunately, school and I didn’t blend well together. Our mutual parting just before my fifteenth birthday was followed by a resounding sigh of relief from all concerned. Parents, teachers….and especially student. By this time in my life though I had realised that I liked to tell a story or two. My natural tendency to embellish said stories probably didn’t work in my favour at the time though. No one likes a fifteen year old BS artist so off into the family business to do a trade it was for me. 

Dad’s electrical business was run with a partner and had seen some quite successful times. Dad had a natural affinity for hard work (still does) .This lead to my parents and my Uncle and Aunty affording to purchase a holiday home just outside Mandurah on the Serpentine River. Tough life for a kid. Growing up on a river full of fish and prawns. Then being dragged kicking and screaming on long weekends and school holidays down to a river full of crabs and cobbler. Bloody hard it was. So hard I bought the house next door nearly 30 years ago…….  

Through all of the fantastic…some not so…moments that I’ve had in life something still seemed to be missing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great. I’ve been married a very long time to the woman of my dreams and we have had nine wonderful children together but that takes time as you can imagine….so the story telling stayed on the back burner. Then I wrote a little bit of bush poetry that was rattling around in my head one evening…..and the nagging feeling burst into deep desire to write things that I could leave for my kids. Stories they could understand, be part of and be proud of.  Almost all is in the form of bush poetry….along with a story explaining how it came to me…and or why.  

Yep......my name is "CRACKER" and this is my story. 

I hope you enjoy. 

C.B.E. (Cheers Big Ears)


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